Weekend update

It was a quiet Sunday morning, the streets were deserted, and I was walking down the narrow sidewalk with big grocery bags hanging from each fist. A voice behind me said, “Excuse me, excuse me.” Rather than turn my head I just walked out into the empty street and continued in my direction. Back on the sidewalk a thin woman walked briskly past me, dressed in stretch fabrics, arms pumping, eyes straight ahead. I wondered why I had to be the one to vacate the sidewalk, but to be fair, she was Power Walking. 

The local stores have been doing more to encourage their customers to bring reuseable shopping bags. First they posted signs to that effect. Then they said there would be a seven-cent surcharge if they had to put your stuff in a new bag. Then last time the cashier asked if I would need a bag and I said yes, she reached under the counter and swung at my head with a baseball bat. I ducked in time, but still.

Collective nouns, S:

A squander of landline telephones was on display in the back corner of the store. 

Scattered around the lobby of the retirement home, a seepage of octogenerians occupied the armchairs and sofas.

A spite of Republican voters arrived early for the town hall meeting.