Contact your autonomy coach immediately

I don’t care if it’s an annual office tradition — I think Falsetto Day hurts our credibility, especially when we answer the phone. 

“Your whole house smells of dog, says someone who comes to visit. I say I’ll take care of it. Which I do by never inviting that person to visit again.”
— From The Friend by Sigrid Nunez.

I saw Supergirl (or a wannabe) walking from the direction of the Children’s Hospital last week.

Without changing what I wear, I have become a prude. I was the only one on the train who wore socks that covered my ankles. Why do I do this? Just out of habit. What would I gain by wearing socks that make my ankles cold? I am too scared to learn.

There was that species of disappointment, when you’re single and in your twenties, and you receive a piece of mail that is obviously a Valentine’s Day card, and you open it, and it’s from your mother.