This year

The train was stopped, doors open, at the Belmont platform during the evening commute. A tall young man on the platform pushed a grey-haired lady so that she fell down inside the train. The man yelled, “Don’t you push me, bitch!” and stalked away down the platform. The lady got up quickly, yelling in Spanish.  

Passengers called the train’s operator for help and he came back to offer assistance to the grey-haired lady but she just yelled more Spanish and then turned her back on the operator.  

While this was going on, a man at the other end of the car called out, “Let’s move it!  I’ve got PLACES to go!” Another man said quietly, “What places you gotta go — your mother’s basement?”

There were good people on the train; the operator knew how to be gentle with strangers in distress and there were women speaking in calming voices to our local version of Abbott and Costello. Try to remember the good parts.