Oh, Mom

My brother visited my parents at their house on a Sunday afternoon and when they started to run out of things to talk about, Mom suggested they go out and look at the flowers and plants around the house. They find some entertainment value in this, I guess. 

As always, Mom pointed out each plant and how they got it. This one came from Grandma, that one was from friends in North Carolina and it’s doing well, etc. They walked around to the south side of the house and my brother recognized a new one, a marijuana plant about a foot tall. Rather than speculate about what Mom and Dad were up to, he asked about it. Mom said it was from a bag labeled “Assorted Wildflower Seeds” that she bought from the local nursery. When Mom and Dad learned what it was, they yanked it out. 

Lucky for them, the neighbor who had full view of this specimen was 97 years old and didn’t report the thing.