No transitions allowed

Should I take it personally when, right after I have an extended technical discussion with my boss, she notifies all staff of her upcoming vacation days?

S. looked up at me as if I were a phone. I’m not used to that kind of focused attention.

“Are you drunk? Get up!” An obese man had fallen on his face shortly after getting on the morning train and as I attempted to help him up, another man behind me did his part by commanding him to stand.  The fat man had a full head of grey messed-up hair and his face was red.  He couldn’t stand up and it appeared as if his legs had turned to jelly.  The train operator was summoned to our car at the next stop and she offered to call for an ambulance but the fat man refused help after he climbed onto a seat, huffing and puffing.  The fat man didn’t smell or act inebriated, so more than anything else I’ll remember that angry bystander who apparently brought some personal history to the situation by assuming the fat man was drunk.