The haiku limerick

The haiku limerick was not invented by Kiyoshi O’Malley but he certainly popularized the form. 

Snow sparkles under 
Black boots. Fresh whiteness, blue sky. 
My gosh I must say,
If I could walk that way, 
I never would need any talcum!

O’Malley exploited the haiku limerick’s (and the limerick haiku’s) conventions to convey the sense of dichotomy that he felt pervaded twentieth century society. 

There once was a man from Nantucket,
Who kept all his cash in a bucket.
Petals on the pond. 

Kiyoshi wrote haiku limerick songs in an effort to further popularize the form but their inherent shifts of rhythm were probably the reason they failed to chart. 

Leafy branch gently
Sways before a mountain view
He said to the lass,
“I don’t mean to be crass,
But in France I’m known as a genius!”


Years ago, Marc Maron trapped four feral kittens and brought them into his apartment to save them from a life on the street. At least he knew enough to keep them out of the bedroom:
When I shut the door to my bedroom to go to sleep, they’d all emerge. From under my covers, it sounded like my house was being ransacked and robbed. I would let it go on because I wanted them to have fun. When I woke up and walked into the living room there were no cats but half the couch was ripped open and the stuffing was all over the floor, books were destroyed, the rug was partially unwoven, and the TV was on.
From Maron's book Attempting Normal.