What I learned this year

A long time ago I was admonished for saying “damn” in front of a baby. Now that baby is 35 years old and has never found steady employment and I can’t help but feel responsible.

One can use the Current Events page on Wikipedia as their sole news source and avoid a lot of exposure to horrible chatter and events that are beyond one’s control. 

No amount of retakes will make a good headshot for the company webpage.

Oolong and Rooibos Vanilla are not only good types of tea, they’re good baby names. 

If you suspect a coworker is on the Autism-Asperger spectrum and you act with empathy in that regard it can make life easier. Better than trying sticks of dynamite with hissing fuses hidden in hot dog buns.

I was venting to my boss about some trivial frustration (not looking for a solution) and rather than just commiserate, she leaned over my papers to sketch out a fix. I got a sense of something familiar in her manner. Oh my, it was the same approach you see when a mom wipes chocolate off the face of her three-year-old. My boss is, by all indications, the ideal mother to her little kids, and she was applying her expertise to ME. Oy.