Bosses and notes

Heard over the cubicle wall, a boss talking about a huge project: “…when I get back from the Bahamas after New Years I want all this to be done.”  Employee replies quietly: “I’m taking a vacation too.”

This was the third boss I’d heard over the years thinking that (1) they’re the only ones taking a vacation over Christmas and New Years and (2) they wanted to be absent from the building while their staff carried out some big unpleasant task. It just gave me a little charge to hear the employee’s reply. 

Speaking of bosses, how many U.S. Secretaries of Defense inspire poetry from the people they command?  

Rumsfeld is a dick
Won’t flow the forces we need
We will be too light

The poet was Army Colonel Steve Rotkoff, inspired to write while preparing for the 2003 start of the Iraq war (Information from chapter 11 of State of Denial by Bob Woodward).

Something not about bosses: “Bemsha Swing” by Thelonious Monk was in my head this week for unknown reasons and then I heard the start of it in the CTA station.  When I waved my CTA pass over the turnstile reader it gave that two-note audio confirmation that I could go through and the G note going up to C was the same as the start of the Monk song.  Thereby lending credence to the conventional wisdom that CTA employees, black and white, thin and fat, young and old, are all hard bop fans.