Donuts, coffee, and hot romance

The guy was probably just trying to establish some kind of rapport, but when he was ahead of me at the donut shop and said, “Those pumpkin spice donuts — are they any good?” I had to wonder what he expected as an answer: “No, they’re essentially baked vomit with frosting on top. And don’t get me started about the rats’ tails inside.”

Imagine here a clever transitional sentence from donuts to coffee.

One particular guy at work used to be a Navy Seal and he carries his official Navy Seal coffee mug wherever he goes.  Once he must’ve been in top physical condition.  He still uses military slang in his casual conversation.  I have this perverse idea to buy the identical Navy Seal coffee mug for all coworkers, male and female, young and old, so that we can all carry them around the office. 

Here would be a good place for a graceful change of subject from Navy Seals to little old ladies.

I was standing (up straight) at the PC terminal at the public library and an elderly lady brushed against my butt as she walked past.  I attributed it to faulty eyesight or unsteady legs.  When she brushed against my butt a second time walking in the opposite direction, I had to speculate.  Still, I did not pursue this relationship with someone who, as Dana Gould says, “shouldn’t buy any green bananas.”  It would’ve been a charming story to tell how we met, though.