Housing updates

"Think Jackie Kennedy" -- From a Chicago condo owner, sharing her vision of how the new flowers should be planted in front of her building.

I got a memo from the company that manages my apartment building.  At the bottom of the letterhead were the words "Experience, Strategy, Flexibility, Passion."  I am ashamed to admit that this only drives me to think, "What motto would you find on a prostitute's business card?"

That stretch of Division Street, between State Street and the lake, has sidewalks that are more likely to have dog droppings than any other street I've been on.  Sometimes I walk that block on the way to work instead of staying on the train all the way to the office.  What's the median household income on that part of Division?  $77,000.  Can't afford a baggie?  Never mind, I'm not a victim, I'm a survivor. 

The circle of life

A friend just gave birth with the help of induced labor.  I understand that to induce labor, doctors first encourage the muscles in the birth canal to relax by tickling the mother until she is laughing helplessly.  This continues for up to fifteen minutes; by then the baby slides out with a minimum of resistance.  I haven't confirmed this yet with the new mother, and I must stress that I'm not an obstetrician, but look forward to seeing the new baby.