Again with the clothing

If people of means are content to go out in public wearing pajama bottoms, why should the sight of them make me sad?

 Have you ever been outside and there's a flash of light off to the side and your eyes automatically look in that direction? That happened to me downtown, but unfortunately the flash of light came off a woman's bosom. She was walking toward me and when she saw my eyes she reached down and wrapped her sweater over herself. In my defense, under the sweater she was wearing an iridescent top with spangles, and subliminally I suppose the sight resembled a lady with a writhing rainbow trout glued to her chest.

 On my lunch hour, I was standing in line at Radio Shack behind a woman. There were two guys behind me talking. One of them raised his voice a little and said to me, "Hey man, how tall are you?" I said, "Six four, but I look taller because I'm wearing heels." Whoosh, that woman's head swiveled around to look at my shoes. All I meant was, I was wearing my good dress shoes for work, and they add something to my height. She must've been picturing something different.