Child rearing

"The kid's in there drinking my best gin. Get him out of here before I drive a spike through his head and make him a decanter."
-- W. C. Fields

Changing the clocks affects everybody

There's a store nearby that has two orange and white cats living in it. I walked past the storefront this morning and the cat in the window was obviously disturbed. Normally the cat and his sibling would be lounging in the window looking relaxed. But here it was 11:15 am, the store was closed, and this one cat was frantically looking out for the owner to arrive and set out their food.

We had turned the clocks back an hour last night, but the cat didn't know that. The store would open at noon. So this morning at 11:15 the cat was clearly not cool about thinking the owner was late. His head was snapping left and right, looking worried. I would like to have been there to see the cats greet the owner, but I'm not in the market for used women's clothing.