Can't resist

It was early on a spring Thursday morning near Michigan Avenue and a Streets and Sanitation worker was using a tool to open the valve for one of the water fountains that had been off all winter. He stood up from bending over the valve and tested the handle. A graceful stream of water shot twenty feet into the air, making a glittering parabola for a second. The worker looked over his shoulder, turned back to bend back down to the fountain, and completed his adjustments.

I think I can, I think I can

A few days ago: "We need a Brown Line train over here!" shouted the man on the northbound Belmont platform, although I didn't see if he was shouting at anybody in particular. I'd never thought of this: public transit on demand. Imagine a fleet of trains held in reserve so that when a citizen shouts, a crack team of CTA staff leap into action.

Fellow riders: When you step onboard the train, planting both feet to stand just inside the doors while you survey the area left to right for the Ultimate Seat, are you waiting for your name to be superimposed under your face like you're in the opening credits of a sitcom? 'Cause you're blocking my head shot; I'm right behind you.

I must've just missed the bank robber whose stolen money exploded with red dye at my subway stop after work tonight. The Tribune article couldn't be any more specific than to say it happened during "rush hour." Note to robbers: If your getaway vehicle is the Red Line, be prepared for waits of 5 to 8 minutes during that time of day. Unless you're counting on that new "Public Transit on Demand" to be in effect.