Work, or the like

At the office, Jane is seven months pregnant and her baby-to-be, a boy, is doing a lot of kicking, we hear. That is, Jane told us he is kicking a lot, we don't actually hear the kicking.

A friend wrote about the current job market and theorized that she'd like a less demanding job, like "product tester in a Sharpie factory."

All I meant to say at work was that I'm sorry about my manager's poor health, and that I understand it's common for the parents of small children to catch whatever sickness the little ones bring home from day care. But in referring to his darling daughters as "germy kids" I'm afraid I may have used a poor choice of words.

Porn Star Steps Down After Allegations of Legislative Activity

Adult film actor Thomas Fryble announced in an emotional press conference today that he is dropping out of production on his current movie in order to devote more time to his once-secret second occupation serving on the Cook County Board of Commissioners. Mr. Fryble's position on the Board was alleged yesterday in an anonymous call to a local radio station.

Mr. Fryble admitted before reporters that he is active in Cook County government helping to pass ordinances, levy taxes, and oversee spending of numerous county agencies.

Fellow board commissioners were astonished to learn of Mr. Fryble's primary occupation as an actor in dozens of X-rated direct-to-DVD films. Correspondingly, members of the adult film community were appalled to find that Mr. Fryble had been elected to the Cook County Board in 2004.

Mr. Fryble's co-star Misty Meadows was expected to be standing beside him at today's press conference, but did not attend. A family friend speaking on behalf of Ms. Meadows stated that Ms. Meadows had just learned of Mr. Fryble's position in local government yesterday and didn't want to be seen with a politician.

[I'm sure this kind of story has appeared elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.]