Children, meet your new baby brother

From the autobiographical Life Among the Savages, by Shirley Jackson:
They followed him into the living room, and stood in a solemn row by the couch. "Now don't touch," their father said, and they nodded all together. They watched while he carefully set the bundle down on the couch and unwrapped it.

Then, into the stunned silence which followed, Sally finally said, "What is it?"

"It's a baby," said their father, with an edge of nervousness to his voice, "it's a baby boy and its name is Barry."

"What's a baby?" Sally asked me.

"It's pretty small," Laurie said doubtfully. "Is that the best you could get?"

"I tried to get another, a bigger one," I said with irritation, "but the doctor said this was the only one left."

Firesign Theatre for Jack Poet Volkswagen

In order to advertise the virtues of the repair shop at Jack Poet Volkswagen, Firesign Theatre performed a commercial in which a satisfied customer testifies, "Hi there, I'm Tony Gomez, and I wanna tell you that I get my car fixed at Jack Poet Volkswagen every morning before I come to work..." (Link)


My mom came to town and she brought her addle-pated friend Mrs. Paulsen. We were downtown and they were looking at the Board of Trade building, an Art Deco skyscraper, when Mrs. Paulsen asked about the figure seen at the top of the building. I told her, as I had just read, that the figure was of the Roman goddess of grain, known as Ceres. "Circe?" Mrs. Paulsen said. "Ceres," I repeated. "Ah, Circe," she said slowly, looking up to the building.