Lush Life, by Richard Price

In the novel Lush Life (2008), Richard Price depicts a young man from a housing project on New York City's lower east side:
Then one of the other kids, without ever looking at him, began to slowly waddle-walk in his direction, his oversize T and mannered side-to-side gait making him look like a hard-core penguin.

The things from September that I didn't understand

I had to email a large PDF document to someone in the course of a business transaction. The following day she emailed it back to me without comment. I asked why. She wrote, "I had to clean out my mailbox it was full to capacity!"

A co-worker died unexpectedly, and the memorial gathering at a funeral home was hosted by her brother. I was there talking to a friend and someone entered the room, came straight up to me, and asked "Are you the brother?" The deceased and her family are Asian; I'm not.

I ordered a part direct from a toilet manufacturer; they promised delivery time of five to seven days. On the seventh day I called again, delivery time was now 28 days. I didn't dare call again, at that rate of change. Actual delivery time: 12 days. Lesson: If you plan to use your toilet every day, be aware of how long it takes the manufacturer to FIND ITS OWN PARTS.