My magnetism

First time: I was the first one to board the Greyhound bus for the 90 mile trip. I had about 60 seats to choose from, and I took an aisle seat about five rows back. After a while a second passenger came up the steps into the bus, a nondescript man who had 59 seats to choose from. He chose the one directly in front of me and reclined.

Second time: I rented a huge Ford Explorer SUV to run errands and get some large items at Target. I drove into the Target parking lot on a Sunday morning; the lot was completely empty. I parked about three spaces away from the store. I got out and had opened the SUV's doors on both sides while trying to figure out how to lower the back seat for loading big stuff. A second car drove into the lot and parked next to me, inches from my open doors, when they had 300 spaces available.

Third time: I like to do these things in threes, but I don't have a third one yet, so... kids! Don't do drugs!