A message to immigrants, perhaps

"Way I see it is, if English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for us."
-- A man in Oklahoma shares his thoughts with Mark Slouka, as recounted in his editorial, Harper's Magazine, Feb. 2009.

Notes to self

Johnette Napolitano - Lead singer of Concrete Blonde
Janet Napolitano - Governor of Arizona and Barack Obama's nominee for secretary of Homeland Security

In the search for a macho bar soap, do not buy any more Irish Spring MoistureBlast with HydroBeads because it smells like bubble gum.

Overheard at the office: "All married couples have problems sooner or later. It's normal. But it's no reason to consider getting all mixed up in an office romance. If every married person cheated on their spouse by sleeping with a co-worker, the whole US economy would go down the tubes... Wait."