Attention southbound riders

For once, I could understand the words broadcast out of the public address system on the Belmont Avenue train platform. The Chicago Transit Authority employee was announcing what was already in the news: During renovation of the southbound platform, only one of the two southbound tracks would have trains.

The woman on the intercom, using her harshest, most patronizing tone of voice, reiterated that while the "outside" (or west) track would have trains running, the "inside" (or east) track would NOT have trains running during this period of renovation.

Still, I was surprised to hear the message at all, because the inside track had construction workers walking up and down the track doing construction-worky things, so I wouldn't expect trains to come along and send them all diving thirty feet to the street.

One other thing; the side of the platform that faced the inside track had this new temporary wooden fence, four feet high, blocking access to the inside track. If a magic train had come down the inside track sending construction workers flying, no riders could board it unless they vaulted the fence where the magic train's doors would open. This would cause a delay, which is something the CTA just doesn't tolerate.