The I Won't Share a Seat on This Train finals

Finalist 1 - Zach Trevor, Lincoln Park
Approaches the seat in a crouch, medium speed, smoothly turns, butt hits the seat at the same moment as his backpack hits the adjacent seat. Knees spread, legs open to 90 degree angle. Score: 7.0.

Finalist 2 - Josh Platty, Logan Square
Strolls down aisle, worldly weary, pauses, still pausing, resumes motion, moves sideways to stand over seat, eases down slowly to center position with one butt cheek on each seat "cushion." Knees spread, legs open to 105 degree angle. Score: 8.8.

Finalist 3 - James Kelpson, Pacific Garden Mission
Limps onto train car, walks away down the aisle, businesslike demeanor, stands in the aisle between two pair of empty seats, reaches down to right hip, detaches prosthetic right leg, places it in rightmost seat to the right of the aisle, moves to sit in the leftmost seat to the left of the aisle. Knees spread across four seats and the aisle. Score: 10.0.