"This is to get a new professor, pass it on," whispered the girl. She passed the clipboard to the girl next to her in Introduction to Physics. Eventually the clipboard made it to my row and I saw it was a petition, stating that we needed a new teacher because the one we were listening to in that huge classroom was difficult to understand.

This was true for a few reasons. The woman brought in to teach Physics was a replacement who started in the second week of class when the original professor had to go on leave for the rest of the term. Our substitute knew English as a second language and seemed to be leaving out vital parts of the lessons, leaving many of us looking at each other going, "What?"

I didn't sign the petition because I had an idea of what would happen, and it did: The signatures and statement were sent to the head of the department, who promptly showed it to our teacher. She seemed nonplussed and told us so. She taught the rest of the term and things never did lighten up or get clearer.

(Memory jogged by Oh That Annie. (Link))