Remaining vigilant for evildoers

A woman on the far side of the office screamed! Her desk had a cockroach under it! People ran around! What to do?! Somebody found a big box! They tricked the bug! It walked into the box! Holy dead end! They slammed the box flaps closed! Tight! I calmly advised, "SEAL IT WITH DUCT TAPE!" Didn't think they'd do it! They did! Then they called Maintenance! A guy in a grey shirt and black trousers had to come and pick up a huge box sealed with yards of waterproof heavy-duty duct tape! Looks like it didn't weigh very much! Those poor souls down in Maintenance! God bless!

White House Calls For Second Hanging of Saddam

On the day that President Bush received a National Intelligence Estimate detailing the renewed strength of Al Qaeda and a growing threat of terrorism against the United States, the White House called on the Iraqi government to exhume the corpse of Saddam Hussein in order to hang the deposed Iraqi leader a second time.

If Mr. Hussein were to be hanged before year's end, as the White House requests, it would be the second time in twelve months that Iraq's former president was executed.

"Al Qaeda in Iraq remains the primary source of terror to the United States and to freedom-loving people all over the world, and that's why we're confident that the new Iraqi government will demonstrate that they are committed to killing the cause of that terror as many times as it takes," said White House spokesman Tony Snow on Tuesday.

Although Osama bin Laden is widely believed to be based in the region bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan, the White House is following the urging of bin Laden in continuing to focus on Iraq. "There is no question, based on the statements of bin Laden, himself, not to mention others and al Qaeda, that they regard Iraq as the central front in the war on terror," said Homeland Security Adviser Fran Townsend (Link) in a press conference this morning.

That explains the flood pants

We get those thunderstorms that happen only during afternoon rush hour. Last week was typical. When we went out to lunch the sky was blue, and while eating I got a spot of something on my tie. But by 4:30 the sky was dark, clouded, and the rain started. I got down to the lobby to head for home and there were about thirty people watching the rain attack the windows.

The wind between the tall buildings made the rain change direction second by second; it looked like switching stations between competing versions of the Weather Channel. I had no raincoat but it was warm so I slid through the crowd and out the revolving door. Walking to the el stop, the rain alternated between power-washing my front and back until my shirt stuck to me all over. The neat thing was, when I got home, I found the spot had disappeared from my tie.