Same thing, two extremes

When I was about eight years old a friend who was about 12 said, "Have you had your sex talk yet?" I had not, and didn't think I would be getting it anytime soon. "It'll blow your mind," the boy said. "Your mom will take her clothes off and show you what a woman's body looks like. It's sex education. My mom did it this year."

I started to dread this sex talk in my future, hoping that I wouldn't have to go through what sounded like a very embarrassing experience. As it turned out, my sex talk consisted of being handed the S volume of the World Book Encyclopedia, and my older friend apparently suffered no ill effects from having seen his mom's naked self.

Actually, that kid's mom did the same thing when it was time to learn how to fill out a federal tax form. No! No, no, that's a joke.