Tradition Requires The Holiday Story

December 1988 - "Please assemble in the Auditorium at 10:00 this morning for a Special Announcement" was the whole message from the two founding chairmen of the company. At 9:55, all of us from the west building shuffled through the narrow aisles, downstairs, and outside across the snowy alley, to the east building where the announcement would be. "Maybe we're getting Christmas bonuses" was the most common thing people said.

It took a long time for the whole company to trickle into the auditorium through the four doors at the corners of the big room. Finally the two chairmen, John and Jerry, took the stage, and we could see them discussing something quietly and smiling before turning on their microphones. The lights were dimmed and the white screen for projecting slides and movies descended behind John and Jerry.

John began by talking about how the company had come so far in ten short years, to become a worldwide competitor in the field, and how it was the result of so many people, working so hard. It was with a great sense of pride and accomplishment, therefore, to announce that the very building we were standing in would now be named after his co-founder Jerry! A slide onscreen showed a photo taken that morning, where a giant nameplate bearing Jerry's full name was being fastened above the main doors.

It was Jerry's turn to speak, and he couldn't suppress his grin. With great pleasure, he proclaimed that the company's west building would be named in honor of his co-founder John! Another slide showed the sign going up above the west building's doors. With that, we were thanked for attending, told to keep up the good work, and dismissed.

Sniff me

The magazine ad is for a men's cologne called Armani Code. A man and woman are pictured in an embrace, but the man is looking off in the distance. The ad has a fragrance strip imbedded under a tab on the page. On the tab it says, "Lift to discover," which makes me pause on the ad. I guess some phrases are better than others:

* Get a whiff of this!

* Pull 'n' snort

* Now, while no one's looking.

* Mahatma Gandhi would smell this if he were here today; be like Gandhi.