No answer anytime soon

From the Dan Savage book Skipping Towards Gomorrah:
Ironically, for all George W. Bush's pandering to the NRA, we do have effective handgun control in the United States. It's wherever George W. Bush happens to be. This is hypocritical, to say the least. If George W. Bush believes that concealed weapons made Texas a safer place, if he believes that people should be able to carry weapons into God's house, shouldn't we be allowed to carry weapons into the people's house?

Again, the answer to gun violence, according to Bush's pals in the NRA, is more guns. If more guns make America a safer place, why shouldn't Bush set an example? If the answer to workplace violence is more guns, call off the Secret Service, get rid of the metal detectors, and let tourists - aka the people - carry their handguns on tours of the White House. If George W. Bush is worried about getting shot, let him carry a concealed weapon.