Just to get out of the house and meet new cats

What's so fun about volunteering to help with the cleaning at the stray cat shelter? It's not the cleaning so much as playing with the cats afterwards. You can take a toy tied to a string on the end of stick and swing it around like a fishing pole, but if you do it at a retirement home, the residents never want to play along. Do the same thing in the cat shelter's adoption room, and there's always a few cats eager to run and jump.

My designated field of cleanup involves the litter pans, which requires me to wear latex gloves. What I didn't expect was that even on my first day, once you snap on a pair of gloves, you look as if you know what you're doing. Could be brain surgery, could be scrubbing plastic bins with bleach and water, but you look ready for serious work.

All the people at the shelter are hard workers and easy to get along with, and they all probably get a sense of accomplishment for everything they do. I was surprised to feel the same for the short time I'm there each week. The result of cleanup is easy to see, while at my weekday job, we might work for weeks before seeing any progress. At the shelter, when you carry the clean litter pans back to the cats and they look up and say, "Hey, good job McCluskey, thanks," that's just the cherry on top.

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From the Dan Savage book Skipping Towards Gomorrah:
Ironically, for all George W. Bush's pandering to the NRA, we do have effective handgun control in the United States. It's wherever George W. Bush happens to be. This is hypocritical, to say the least. If George W. Bush believes that concealed weapons made Texas a safer place, if he believes that people should be able to carry weapons into God's house, shouldn't we be allowed to carry weapons into the people's house?

Again, the answer to gun violence, according to Bush's pals in the NRA, is more guns. If more guns make America a safer place, why shouldn't Bush set an example? If the answer to workplace violence is more guns, call off the Secret Service, get rid of the metal detectors, and let tourists - aka the people - carry their handguns on tours of the White House. If George W. Bush is worried about getting shot, let him carry a concealed weapon.