Donald Fagen and his band played a great show with force and precision at the Chicago Theatre last night, leaving the crowd wanting more. I especially liked the way Donald stretched out the line from The Nightfly, "I wait all n-i-i-i-ght for calls... like... these."

Almost every familiar song had new solos, but the surprise came on Third World Man, when the two guitarists, Jon Herington and Wayne Krantz, copied Larry Carlton's weepy guitar solo straight off the Gaucho album. I took this as a gesture of respect to Mr. Carlton. The mix of Donald's and the backup vocals was beautiful on this one too.

On the new song What I Do, guest musician Howard Levy was imported from his (almost simultaneous) show at the Green Mill jazz club to play solo harmonica, doing an excellent job just as he did on the Morph the Cat CD.

The set list included songs from The Nightfly (Green Flower Street, The Nightfly, New Frontier, The Goodbye Look), Kamakiriad (Teahouse on the Tracks), Morph the Cat (Brite Nightgown, What I Do, Mary Shut the Garden Door), Steely Dan songs (Home at Last, Black Cow, FM, Third World Man), and two covers: Jack Teagarden's Misery and the Blues and Chuck Berry's Viva Viva Rock & Roll.