Stepping stone to stardom

Today was rainy so I thought I'd search for a webcam site showing how the weather compared in my hometown. Unfortunately, most of the links that appeared on my search were personal ads involving webcams. I never would have guessed that there were so many "horny singles" in that city who hoped to be seen pleasuring themselves on internet video. I really don't see the upside to this.

And if you advertise yourself this way, why tag your ad with the town where you live? How does that make the ad any better? "Hey Stud47, my great-aunt lives in yr town! If u c Bertha Crumply, say hi 4 me!"

Even if you think of webcam self-love as show business exposure which could lead to paid acting jobs, I think the range of acting offers would be fairly limited. You might be typecast as the "orgasm guy," and who wants to be pointed out as such in the bank, or in church?

I guess it could lead to a diversification into merchandizing, if that's how your face became famous. Not to be gross, but picture your face, contorted in ecstasy, slapped on the label of products in the condiment aisle of the supermarket. An increase in sales could be taken as a special kind of affirmation, I guess.