Duck duck goose

Then again, any neighborhood has its eccentricities. A few years ago at my mom and dad's house, I looked out the living room window. Across the street, Mr. Johnson was on his riding lawn mower, chasing a duck that was running in circles around his front yard. I called Mom and Dad to the window and we stood there watching for about one full minute. The duck wouldn't go into a neighbor's yard; he kept flapping and running within Mr. Johnson's property. And Johnson was no better; he never got off the mower, but kept driving after the poor duck. I don't know if he intended to run over the bird; I'm glad I didn't see that. Eventually the chase progressed to the Johnson backyard so I don't know how it ended.

I would like to say that after a minute Mr. Johnson came running back to the front of the house, chased by a duck driving a riding lawn mower, but that would be a lie.