Mr. Charity

Yesterday when the temperature was 102, I looked out the window and saw a skinny grey squirrel across the courtyard. He was on a window ledge, sprawled out on his stomach and resting his head on the concrete, with arms stretched out in front and legs stretched out behind. He looked dehydrated.

I took a shallow bowl of water out to him, and placed it on the ground directly under his ledge. He jumped up and climbed up the building's brick wall, looking down at me from a safer distance. I went back inside and although I checked periodically, I never saw him approach the water.

This morning, I was happy to see the water bowl was dry. Sure enough, there was a stain on the wall where the squirrel had stood and peed against the brick. OK, I made that last sentence up. But I hope he got some water, because we really have had a drought in this part of Illinois.