Nothing that color ever flew out of me before

I blew my nose and little bits of carrot flew out. I had been sitting in my cubicle at work eating carrot sticks when I coughed involuntarily. Since I was eating, I kept my mouth closed as I coughed. After a minute I had to blow my nose, and little bits of orange carrot magically appeared in the Kleenex. I went around the floor to show it to only two people, because to show a third person would have been gauche. Now there's no doubt how special I am.

I went back to my desk and had to blow my nose somemore. More carrot bits flew out. Are they all out? I don't know. I envisioned a life smelling carrots over everything. "Honey, that perfume is heady stuff, if you ignore the scent of carrot mixed in it."

But I don't smell any carrots at the moment, so don't be alarmed if this happens to you; you can prevail and maybe make a TV movie or write a song about it.